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Black and White

Black and White

Black and white, images from yesterday's tomorrow

Memories of lost days, unfounded fears

Dancing faceless ‘cross the empty canvas of sorrow

Eyes staring blankly, unashamedly without tears

Life’s disappointments, shadows of guild

Light and dark covering dreams, an unprotective shield.

Light and dark, friends in unison, shades of different tones

Thoughts of what could be if only one could see

How forgotten images, old photos, could fill hearts with stones

Faded smiles reflecting hidden emotions, temporarily lost to you and me

Slowly returning, new paths unlock vivid visions, dreams of love

Day and night it was you I have missed all along, longing to have.

Day and night, elusive transformation into textured layers of imagined colour

No longer black and white, no longer lost or found

Lines of reflective moods and detailed expressions flow and cover

As we stride with exuberance along uncharted, untrodden ground

Swirling, flowing freedoms, expressions of passion written eyes

Quiet intensity, deep reflective sensitivity, expectations for future years.

Woodblock print and poem by Arie Coetzee

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