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Art is a  not a way of living, it is living
“Art is colours and melodies and chisels and pallets - to make beauty and goodness. Art gives joy, peace, fulfilment and can transform you into a beautiful person. It makes you thrive and expand your horizons. Art knows no language; anyone in the whole world can understand it. Art has no limits and gives you the urge to explore and create. “   Hester Coetzee              

Arie Coetzee

Arie Coetzee is Head of Art at Feltonfleet School in Cobham. He creates pieces through painting, drawing, ceramics and printing and enjoys working with new techniques and mediums.

“I am forever trying to find shades of light in the shadows of life. Hoping that one day soon we’ll all comprehend the gift of joy in the

art we create. Being able to understand solitude

is an important key to creativity; allowing for

quiet moments of self-realisation and surrender

to the art we make.”

Born in 1962, Arie grew up in a small town

in South Africa, in a family where art was

always visible. 

His inspiration is the exuberant colour of

yellow wheat fields, blue rolling mountains,

the emptiness of the countryside, the wide

open skies filled with thunderous summer

clouds and the friendly people of South

Africa. All this is visible in his work.

After winning his first art prize in a local art competition at the age of 11, it became a life long dream to be an artist. Throughout his education and later as a teacher, he worked in various painting styles, printing and sculpting to discover the genre in which he would be most comfortable. 

After several small exhibitions and displays in local restaurants and shops, he developed a more expressive and impressionistic style. His work, employing emotionally charged thick brushwork, takes inspiration from the simplicity and naivety of Van Gogh, and from Rembrandt’s exquisite use of light and shadow; bright colours streak energetically across the canvas. Some works adopt a calmer, subtler use of colour but the richness of pure pigment and heavy application is often uncontrollable. Arie has exhibited his marquetry successfully at Francis Illes Gallery in Rochester and sells steadily online.


Petro  Coetzee

An enthusiastic artist with a passion for colour and texture. She loves to explore and experiment with new ideas, material and techniques.

Petro is an artist with a passion for

colour and expressive interpretation

of her ideas. She is full of ideas and

continually experiments with ne media,

techniques and styles.

Marelize  Coetzee

Aesthetically true to herself, her dreams and her emotions, a truly remarkable and authentic fine artist.

Marelize Coetzee, classically

trained as a fine art artist.

She produces art that range from

realism to intense and atmospheric

work. Marelize is an inspirational

artist with an eye for detail and use

of colour that is exceptional.

She prefers the use of a variety of different styles and techniques to create her artwork.  There is always a specific sense of sensitivity in her paintings, capturing and expressing emotion through her use colour and texture.


Marelize’s Studio is in the idyllic village of Barrydale South Africa. Here she finds her inspiration from the quiet of the countryside to explore and express herself.

Marelize Coetzee
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